oh hello. I guess it’s spring?

Things have been rather quiet around here. With Char finishing up her semester, and me simply getting swept up by life (you know how it goes). And the year is just flying by.

I feel like I just realized it’s spring, and WHAT, it’s already May? WHAT EVEN MORE I graduated college a full year ago? I don’t even know what to do with that.

Over these twelve months, a lot of things have not come in my time — and a lot of wonderful, unexpected things have merged into my life. There has been lots of uneasiness, some serious panicking, a lot of slow breathing, miles of stretching and aching.

It’s flown by.

….I think I’m ready to participate in giving to the world again. One cannot always be only an admirer and a taker:

Things I’m admiring — booklet @ Cut Magazine. coffee bar @ green wedding shoes. florals @ saipua. rolling stones circa 1971. the color in this skirt, which I got for a steal @ jcrew. my new phone, the HTC Incredible @ theineffablebob

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