living for the weekend

I am so excited about this weekend. Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love what it stands for, honoring fallen heroes. I love the Monday off work. I love that it kicks off summertime and sits at the time of year where I deem the weather to be most perfect. I chose to get married on this weekend because I love it so much.


We don’t have grand plans as far as travels go. We’re staying at home, but I love our home so much lately that I’m happy to be here. On Saturday, we’re celebrating 6 years of marriage by spending the day together maybe doing some KC exploring, going to see the new X-Men movie (#nerddate) and out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Gram & Dun.

On Sunday we’ll probably have some friends over for BBQ since John works on Monday. His anniversary gift was a new charcoal grill for all his BBQ experiments. We live in KC, so we figure we should learn. Last weekend’s grand experiment was brisket. This weekend’s is pulled pork.

Since John will be working on Monday, I’ll probably do some house projects like finally paint the trim in the entryway. Maybe if I get up early enough I can get to painting the hallway too. We’ve been taking the house projects slow as not to get overwhelmed financially or mentally, so a lot of the house is still painted in an ugly renter-friendly neutral, and I am ready for it to all be my cool Urban Sunrise from Valspar. I promise at some point to post some before and afters of the inside (and maybe outside) of our home.

Summertime makes me fall in love with our house all over again. I love sitting on our patio with all of our friends with the grill going, so I’m more than happy to be homebodies this weekend. What about you? What are you up to?


I’ll be sitting right here, next to this guy.


  1. Cindy Dakota

    I love this weekend as well! I love this time of year! Your post is perfect! What kind of food is at Gram and Dun? Wish I was there to taste your pulled pork. We are going to try a pulled pork recipe soon as well. Looking forward to your before and after painting pics! Isn’t it fun to make your house your “home” in your style? Love your backyard! So much room!

  2. Dad

    Sounds fun little punk!! Love ya…Mom & Dad

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