Walter Mitty and the Every Day

Recently we rented The Secret Life of Walter Movie on iTunes. It is a great movie. It was fun, original, sweet and inspiring. I’ve included the trailer below, but if you haven’t seen it, the movie follows a man named Walter Mitty who processes photographs for Life Magazine. Throughout the beginning we see that he is a very responsible person, diligently marking down every expense in a ledger, taking care of his mother and adult sister, but he consistently gets lost in fantastic daydreams of having adventures. During production of the very last print issue, Walter discovers he is missing the image for the cover. In a desperate attempt to win a girl and jumpstart his life, he takes off on a global trip to hunt down the photographer for the missing negative.

I love these kinds of feel-good adventure movies that remind us to take risks and explore. That is so easy to forget while we are paying mortgages and scheduling dentist appointments, and oh no, we have to clean the gutters this weekend. In fact, while watching the movie, I started getting jealous of Walter’s new life when I realized I have lived an adventurous life already: Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Paris, England, Scotland … however, all of that took place over the span of 28 years, not 2 hours with Of Monsters and Men playing over me.

I think it’s easy, like romantic comedies telling us love should always be explosive giddiness, to get swept up in the idea that life is always supposed to be these grand, whimsical adventures. Adventures are wonderful and important, but we can’t let them overshadow the every day. It’s the every day where we build relationships and our legacy. The every day is where we love people and walk with them. The every day is where our character is built. Adventures can be catalyst for change, sharpening our lenses and changing our course, but the every day is where that change lives or dies.

Let’s not neglect the every day.

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  1. I absolutely loved your interpretation of the movie and your perception of every day life. Fantastic. I find myself “Walter Mitty-ing” my way through life and often wonder if I would appreciate the every day more if I had a sound track or could cut out the awkward and boring moments before/after a great one.

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